Build Confidence and Skill 

Take the guess work out of what your painting needs at all stages of the process.

Making abstract art has a lot to do with improvisation, and the exhilarating process of calling and responding to what you’re doing as you go along.

Sometimes you get stuck right there. You might have trouble releasing what you know and loosening up. Or you may struggle to figure out what to do next. If you're like most, you often fear you'll screw up the painting you're working on if you take a risk with it.

There’s a lot that comes into play when creating a successful abstract. It's often less straight-forward than painting a realistic image.

Understanding how to create balance, depth luminosity and excitement in the work takes skill. Finding your own voice takes a deeper conversation with yourself. Getting to the place where you can look at your painting and understand what works, what doesn’t and why, takes practice.

It's taken me thirty years to gain the knowledge and accompanying confidence to know I can always resolve any given painting I'm working on.  

It's taken tears, sweat and frustration mixed with great moments of victory to refine my skills. I'm excited to share with you what I know.


Online ART CLASS and in person workshops:

Composition, Color and Form in Abstract Painting

My classes are designed to give you the techniques to improve your painting and specifically to be able to step back from the work with a refined eye that tells you what needs to happen next, until you’re satisfied that you’re done. In the process and with feedback you’ll uncover your singular voice. There’s nothing in my experience more satisfying than that.


Classes on Saturdays for both novice and professional painters 

Composition, Color and Form in Abstract Painting -

Saturdays 10am to 12pm PDT, 11- 1 MDT, 1 to 3pm EDT, 7pm-9pm Central European

January 2022 Workshop: January 8, 15, 22 , 29

4 weeks with support in between classes

Classes are held over zoom. I’ll be in my studio, you’ll be in yours or in whatever space you have available. You’ll see demos in response to your questions, and we’ll look at your finished and in process paintings.

Classes Held over Zoom

No need to let this pandemic stop you from learning! Classes include personalized learning objectives, live demos, open Q & A, and critiques of finished paintings or paintings in process.

Recorded and sent to you afterwards 

You might want to listen to feedback about your work again, or watch the demos again. You'll be covered with the recordings from each session.

Enough time for everyone

Classes are limited to 10 people to make sure there's always time to get to your questions, and to keep tracking towards your learning objectives.

In between class support

You'll be invited to collaborate on a class board to get your questions answered in between classes, or to request feedback on your painting.


LIVE workshops on Saturdays for both novice and professional painters


Composition, Color and Form in Abstract Painting WORKSHOP

Saturdays 11AM - 5PM (with an hour for lunch)

December 4

Location: 103 Maxwell Court, Santa Rosa, California

To keep things safe and comfortable for everyone, these workshops are limited to 4 people maximum.

what they're Saying...

Linda Wright

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lots of personal attention

I just took part in a 4 week art class with Andrea, via Zoom, it was wonderful! Andrea has such a positive approach, she is generous and along with great demonstrations each week, Andrea gave each of us the attention we requested. She is not only a fabulous artist, but a really great teacher. I would highly recommend this on line art class.

Christine Mineart

Los-Angeles, California

Help when frustrated or stuck 

Love working with Andrea, I’ve gotten into a great painting practice with her guidance as I’m developing as a painter. If I ever get frustrated or stuck on a piece it’s great to have her do a 1:1 painting critique (virtual!) to help with my composition, rhythm, and ability to step back and look at my own work. Recommend her group series as well, great way to connect and stay accountable with other artists!

Catalina Noyola

Houston, Texas

Learned color theory and composition

I did the online 4 week course with Andrea and I loved every piece of it! Not only is Andrea a talented artist, she is also a great teacher who will explain methods in different ways so that everyone can understand. Prior to this class I had trouble with color theory and composition, and I learned that and more. I highly recommend her classes!

what You'll Learn...

Classes are crafted individually around what you most want to learn.

Topics include more personalized instruction about what I cover in my youtube channel.  Whether you're a returning student, or new to class, you can expect to learn, expand on or perfect:

  • How to start an abstract painting
  • Where to look for information
  • Create semi-abstract compositions
  • Mix colors
  • Create your palate
  • Understand abstract composition
  • Use oil and cold wax
  • Use oil paints with different mediums for varying effects
  • Glazed colors for nuanced build up
  • Create surfaces with textural differences
  • Make marks and integrate drawing into your work
  • Apply and lift paint 
  • Take risks, embrace the unknown
  • Create strong value changes
  • Alternate play stages in your painting while stepping back and analyzing your work
  • Make gestural brushstrokes

I’ll start out with a short talk and a live demo then will quickly invite you to get to work. You’ll be working on your individual project ideas and I’ll be helping you enhance them as you go.

There’s a raised hand feature in zoom, when you want to call me over, just raise your hand. If you need a demo for something you’re trying to work out, I’ll show you live.

Everyone is welcome to listen in as I critique each person’s work and work with them. You can learn a lot that way.

We’ll wrap up each class with a general check in and a view of all your work with next steps to keep working between classes.

Excited to be able to offer this, especially now, when there's clearly a hunger to access one's deeper calling.

About Andrea Wedell

Andrea has been painting and exhibiting her work for thirty years in the US and Europe. Her training is in fine art, teaching and coaching. Andrea weaves both her deep knowledge of painting, and coaching skills to nurture the artists she works for, helping them build technique, confidence and a singular voice. She has a deep respect for the creative process and self-expression.

More enthusiastic students...

Trupti Manina

San-Francisco, California

Relaxed and natural teaching style

Andrea Wedell’s online painting class is fantastic! I’ve been a fan of Andrea’s art since the first time I saw it at her open studios. Its rare a good artist can also teach. Andrea is that rare mixture. Her teaching style is relaxed and natural and her class is always full of great information. I learn something valuable each time. Highly recommend.

Barbara Bourne

Windsor, California

Inspiring, generous, brilliant teacher

After 36 years as a professional photographer, I decided I needed to get back to my first love; painting. But, I needed a teacher. Fortunately, I was referred to a great one; Andrea Wedell. For the last year plus, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Andrea . Not only is Andrea an incredible artist, she is a generous, inspiring and brilliant teacher. I’ve learned so much about abstract painting, color and composition with her guidance and gained my confidence back

Martha Lamarche


Sharing, clear, confident, gifted teacher

 II find Andrea to be an open, enthusiastic, sharing, clear, confident and gifted teacher. I have studied primarily with two artists and welcome Andrea as my third. It is magical to watch her lose her self in creating artwork during the demonstrations. She spontaneously paints, drawing upon years of experience and study, verbalizing and showing students how to push the medium and free inhibitions. She is a fearless creative.

  • The zoom link and password for online classes
  • A suggested materials list
  • An invitation to share your artistic goals
regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
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Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call
January 2022 online workshop

January 8,15, 22, 29 


  • 4, 2 hour classes
  •  In between support
  • Class recordings
  • Access to private group for sharing
Live workshops 2021

Saturday December 4


$250 per workshop

  • limited to 4 participants
  • 5 hours of class
  • Individual real time instruction
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Can't wait to see you in class!

I am so excited to be able to offer these classes, especially at a time like this, also excited that we can do some of them in person for you Northern California locals. I've noticed so many people are craving the opportunity to create, to go deeper, to connect with their soul's calling. Art is healing. Resilience and creativity go hand in hand.  

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