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One on One Critique

Get immediate help with your paintings in process,
Receive valuable Feedback on a body of work
Get Help in preparing to show your work

Andrea Wedell offers online critiqueboth individual and group settings to a growing community of engaged artists.  


In addition to her background as an internationally recognized fine artist, Andrea has over 25 years of experience as an educator.

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need some help with your Art ?


Register Now

Enrollment for the next 4-part series of classes is now open. Classes meet weekly on Fridays from April 14- May5th. The price for the series is $285.

Admission fee for this series is $285


Thanks for registering! Check your inbox for further details.

Maureen, United States

“Andrea's warm and supportive coaching was the highlight of my experience in the recent series of classes. Her ability to help you identify and develop your vision of your work and advance to the next step of the journey is invaluable. I am a beginner and also learned soooo much from the critiques of the other members works.  The experience was well worth the commitment."

What to Expect

1 / Before we begin the workshop

Andrea finds out what everyone wants and needs from the general course on composition. She also does this before each class to make sure those topics are addressed. All levels are welcome, though the absolute beginner isn’t a fit.

2 / In between each class

Andrea sees your progress on the private Facebook group where you post work in process, so she knows exactly what to teach or emphasize to get you from A to B.

3 / Typical class format

Andrea fields everyone’s questions upfront.

Andrea shares a slideshow to illustrate or explain a concept (i.e. color harmony, layering, shapes, lines, etc.) and to show other artists' work as a example of what we're learning.

Andrea performs a live demo of the technique or concept she is teaching.

Attendees share work to the Facebook private group to help  problem solve their works in progress.

Attendees receive a recording of the class.


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